Successfully avoid work overload
and stay securely balanced

You regularly reach your limits in your everyday working life and would like

  • a more relaxed way of dealing with daily demands
  • more serenity and flexibility with regard to the demands you make on yourself,
  • more self-efficacy in your response to stress and
  • a permanently optimal work-health balance?

Corinna Häsele

CEO & Founder at Better linked

My professional platform for exchange provides you with information on mental coaching for stress related problems and issues. I remove the topic of stress from the taboo zone.

My name is Corinna Häsele and a long time ago now I had the idea to create a platform for a qualitative exchange on stress issues. As an entrepreneur, management consultant, psychologist with a strong business background and trained Wingwave® coach, I offer preventive support before stress begins to have an effect.

The platform for stories of stress
and mental coaching

Better linked starts where stress-related problems arise: Many people feel they are abandoned to their own devices when it comes to their stress issues and they cannot find a solution to counteract them in good time. Those afflicted are often not even aware that the stress spiral is beginning to spiral out of control due to the high expectations they have of themselves for their own perfect performance. They do not recognize that it is time to draw the line and start to take measures against it.

In our society, people drop out of the system when they are sick. It is only then that they actually receive care and treatment. The offers for prevention are, on the other hand, often few and far between and there is a lack of understanding. Workplace health management is also often misguided because it is not available to everyone and often not used by those affected.

After all, the employer should not know that an employee feels unable to cope with the demands of work (any more). Companies and human resource managers only become aware of the “tip of the iceberg”, in terms of actual stress levels.

Better linked offers autonomous mental coaching and creates high-quality access to valuable resources to fill this void. The platform provides effective support in preventing the consequences of stress such as burnout. It imparts know-how with regard to goal-oriented self-coaching and supports stressed people on their way to self-efficacy.

Your direct benefit: Less stress – more balance

As a Better linked user, you benefit from information on stress-related topics and effectively initiate prevention instead of getting stuck in the stress spiral.

This is what you can expect from your participation on Better linked:

  • effective and efficient reduction of stress
  • quick and sustainable support in stress management
  • greater stress resilience
  • a positive attitude even in difficult phases
  • being more able to meet your own performance requirements
  • being more able to meet the performance expectations of others
  • an open exchange of ideas on a taboo subject
  • to acquire and practice active prevention techniques
  • to feel strong even when you are not doing so well
Weniger Stress

Start-up founder with experience
in a stressful environment

In the more than 20 years that I have spent professionally in demanding jobs in the media and the event business, I have personally experienced the effects of stress on a daily basis. In this working environment, stress and the pressure to deliver a top performance were my daily companions. Projects had strict deadlines and followed each other seamlessly – according to the motto “after a project is before the next project”

During my many years of project work with countless performance peaks, I became aware of the importance of striking a good stress-performance balance. As a psychologist, I have actively managed stress throughout my career and have been able to grow personally from dealing with stress in the right way.

Through my work, I prefer to create a holistic and sustainable value for those affected, interested parties, stakeholders and society. Because it is necessary to pay attention to one’s resources in order to be able to deliver a top performance on time. All of my specific know-how and experiential knowledge about this topic flows into my workshops and seminars, coaching and mentoring projects on work-health balance, empowerment and change.

As a coach, I rely on a systemic and integrative approach and have been working with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for 15 years and later also with Wingwave®. I also continuously work with various organizational and leadership topics and my original professional core topic of data analysis.

Better linked stands for quality, innovation and joy

As an effective platform for mental coaching, Better linked reflects my personal values:

  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • High commitment
  • Joy
  • Innovation

These pillars are as natural to me as actively immersing myself in my counterpart’s mindset in order to create a genuine understanding of problems and motivators and to work out constructive solutions. Raising awareness of the importance of self-care is one of my most important goals. Connecting people and solving problems together is my passion.

Innovation und Freude
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