Better linked helps to take stress out of the professional taboo zone.

Better linked enables a valuable exchange between people on stress-related topics and issues.
Share your stress stories and experiences and look for/find solutions. Better linked supports
your self-efficacy with high-quality self-coaching tips.


We need the following data to be able to guarantee the quality of the postings. Many people in our community share very personal moments from their lives at times and we want to use this data to ensure respectful interaction with each other. On the platform itself, members only use their nickname to ensure anonymity.

Example: We need age and gender because there are age- and gender-specific wordings for the same stress topics.

For your job, please provide only the general job title, your exact job title is not necessary. This information was requested by our users during the user survey, it helps them to better judge comments and stories according to their applicability to their own life situation.

Your registration data is stored on a separate server in Germany. They are absolutely separate from your stories and comments on the Stress.Performance.Platform.