Avoid overload

How to remain self-effective and capable of action

We always feel stressed and overworked at the moment. But you have already shown that you can cope with stress – that is a valuable experience. Let’s build on this strength together. Many people have already successfully solved stress issues in one way or another – we at Better linked have made it our mission to connect people with stress issues and work through stress problems together in the community.

If you want to build a stone wall, you need half your life. If you get help and work together with others, the stone wall becomes solid and strong. The drive comes from togetherness and solidarity. So no one builds a stone wall alone, so why should we be left to our own devices when it comes to stress?

Anyone who has already actively overcome stress can pass on good tips to others. Let’s master new challenges together in the future. You are not alone with your stress.
We pick you up individually where you are. We want your stress issues and overloads to be visible – in a safe environment! By keeping you anonymous, we protect you as an individual, because trust is a top priority when it comes to such a sensitive topic that affects us all. Your questions will be heard, you as a person will not be recognizable through a complex anonymization process during registration.



Weniger Stress

Your direct benefit: Your safe space for less stress – more balance

Our USP:

Absolute anonymity, thanks to personal registration on the platform – this triggers anonymization. You can only use your chosen nickname on the communication platform.

  • This is your “safe space”, your details cannot be traced back to you, this is guaranteed by the anonymization of the data during registration.

You may have already noticed this:


  • We think carefully about which tools we use, because we don’t suck data from you and we don’t share data
  • This is the space for communication without data octopuses, data tracking, data exchange or bots – there are only real people here.





Your personal data is stored separately on a server in Germany.

Our Experts

Corinna Häsele

CEO & Founder at Better linked

With my professional platform for peer2peer exchange, I provide you with information on all aspects of stress-related problems and issues.

I take the topic of stress out of the taboo zone.

My name is Corinna Häsele and a long time ago I had the idea of creating a platform for a qualitative exchange on stress-related topics. As an entrepreneur, management consultant, psychologist with a strong business background (international corporate company), I offer you preventative support before the effects of stress take over.

You can take preventive action to avoid overload, especially in the case of stress

In my more than 20 years of professional experience in management positions in the media and event business, I have personally experienced the effects of stress as a daily companion. In this working environment, stress and top performance characterized my everyday life, the projects were strictly timed and followed each other seamlessly – according to the motto “after the project is before the project”. There were no breaks.

I became aware of the importance of a good stress-performance balance during my many years of project work with countless performance peaks. As a psychologist, I have actively practiced stress management throughout my career and have been able to grow personally by dealing with stress in the right way.

Through my work, I prefer to create holistic and sustainable value for those affected, interested parties, stakeholders and society. After all, it is precisely in order to achieve peak performance with pinpoint accuracy that you need to pay attention to your resources.

My view of challenges and stress – especially the stress culture in the working environment – is always systemic.

Avoid overload: Self-efficacy in everyday working life

Better linked starts where stress-related problems arise: Many people feel left alone with their stress issues and find no way to counteract them in time. Often, those affected are not even aware that the stress spiral is constantly increasing due to the high expectations of their own perfect performance – and that it is time to pull the emergency brake and take meaningful countermeasures.

In our society, people fall out of the system when they are ill and only then are they cared for and treated. In contrast, there are often too few offers for prevention and still too little understanding. Occupational health management is also often misguided because it is not open to everyone and is often not used by those affected.

After all, the employer should not know that an employee is not (or no longer) able to cope with the demands. Only the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of actual stress levels is visible in companies and HR managers are aware of this.

Better linked offers active exchange and creates high-quality access to valuable resources in order to close the gap. The platform provides effective support in the prevention of stress consequences such as burn-out, imparts know-how in targeted self-coaching and accompanies stressed people on their way to self-efficacy.

Better linked stands for quality, innovation and joy

As an effective platform for mental coaching, Better linked reflects my personal values:

  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • High commitment
  • Joy
  • Innovation

These pillars are as natural to me as actively immersing myself in my counterpart’s mindset in order to create a genuine understanding of problems and motivators and to work out constructive solutions. Raising awareness of the importance of self-care is one of my most important goals. Connecting people and solving problems together is my passion.

Innovation und Freude