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How do you organize your everyday life: Are you breathing through the day with enthusiasm and motivation, are you taking enough breaks and always making sure to stay physically and mentally balanced – and finding stress solutions is not an issue for you? Or do spontaneous “moments of chaos” at work, additional private worries, spiraling mental thoughts and time pressure throw you off track more readily than you would like? Many people are feeling this way.

And often the fact that this is the case stresses us even more than the reason for the stress itself. Stress leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself and to a lack of understanding of why one is not up to one’s own standards of perfection. But we can put a stop to this pattern using learned mechanisms of stress management and by finding efficient stress solutions. For many employees in a wide variety of positions, everyday work is a constant strain – and the prospect of change is not always apparent at first glance. You see yourself challenged to perform your best every day:

For the workload you have planned, the day should have more than 24 hours.

  • You strive for perfection out of your own conviction.
  • For you, success means meeting your own high standards.
  • Out of responsibility towards others, you work more than is good for you.
  • Your actions result in far-reaching decisions for society.
  • The pressure builds as a result of the speed demanded of you by your daily working environment.
  • The result is anxiety, nervousness and other symptoms of stress.

The causes of stress at work are as varied as the areas of work themselves and the personal stories of those afflicted and range from presentation anxiety, stress with colleagues or superiors, work overload and fear of failure to time pressure. The list also includes leadership problems, self-doubt and pressure to perform to dealing with difficult customers, cold calling and sales, stress induced by change and digitalization.

The stress experienced absorbs energy, which is then no longer available for the attainment of goals or for a physical or mental peak performance. But this energy can be regained: Better linked offers you simple stress solutions so that you can devote yourself to your goals again calmly.

Better linked: stress solutions outside the taboo zone

If you perform at the top of your game every day at work, you automatically expose yourself to stress. There is usually not enough time for stress management, i.e. recovering from stress (performance stress imprinting). As a result, it takes longer and longer to activate your physical and mental strength reserves and channel them for a peak performance.

Better linked supports people who suffer from stress by enabling an active exchange with like-minded people and the transfer of knowledge in the form of seminars, workshops, coaching and self-coaching tips with a strong solution focus to help reduce stress as quickly as possible.

Positive, deliberate changes in the areas of organization, time management, communication, nutrition, exercise and sleep also lead to stress management. Therefore, these topics are also addressed on Better linked – for example, questions are featured such as “How do I organize my everyday life in a brain-friendly way?” or “How do I prevent stress?”

Andis Geschichte

A stressed-out high achiever – Andi’s Story

In his late 20s, Andi is ambitious. He has a highly responsible job as the deputy store manager of a medium-sized grocery store. Fulfilling the role of a “jack-of-all- trades“, he is busy and on the run all day long.…

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Stress Management Tips
  • Belief
  • Breath

How are you breathing? Everything we experience or think we connect quite unconsciously and naturally with our breathing technique.

Think of a joyful event yesterday, you will breathe deeply.

If you experienced something frightening yesterday, your breath will stop at the thought of it.

When we are angry, we let…

  • Belief
  • Change
  • Change of Perspective
  • Excessive Demands
  • Perception
  • Stressors

Do you often have the feeling that you can’t change anything about a specially depressing situation?

As soon as you start to become aware of what triggers stress in you and how you have automatically dealt with it so far, a door for change opens!

1 step, say stop before…

How does effective stress management work?

To a great extent our power and energy balance is determined by our emotions. The subjective belief in our own abilities decisively controls our performance capacity, self-confidence and our inner balance.

When we deliver a top performance, we experience positive emotions – from ourselves, but also from others. These are expressed in measurable reactions of the body. The word emotion goes back to the Latin word “emovere” (to move out). Emotions are therefore about movement that releases energy potential – or inhibits performance.

How did you feel during the Covid crisis? Many of us were confronted with strong emotions such as helplessness, anger, fear or aggression during this time. These emotions can negatively affect our creativity and performance. In uncertain times or in situations where we cannot influence external circumstances, fears arise: but the greatest success is born from this very fear.

The aim of Better linked is to make it easier to cope with these fears and thus to help ourselves and others. Using the platform, we gain more stress resilience and regain our self-efficacy permanently, so that we can experience everyday life with ease and also have workable solutions to stress which we can fall back on in challenging times.

Annas Geschichte

Long lasting overtime working – Anna’s Story

Anna is 47 years old and the owner of a hotel in a small town. She loves playing hostess. She has two employees at her small family hotel and her guests are her life. It is important for her to make a difference, to realize her plans and evoke change.…

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