Individual Better linked user packages for companies

Making stress visible

Do you know which members of staff in your company suffer from stress without actually communicating this thereby involuntarily decreasing employee efficiency? In Austria, according to estimates by human resource experts interviewed within the framework of a qualitative survey by Better linked, around two thirds of employees (65%) do – because occupational stress is still a taboo subject.

Since it is often interpreted by those affected as a personal failure, negative stress is preferably swept under the carpet and simply ignored: Did you know that most employees worldwide would rather confide in a robot that they are stressed at work than in their boss? This was the conclusion of a global study conducted in 2020 (Workplace Intelligence, LLC), in which four-fifths (82%) of respondents said precisely that. The HR experts interviewed in Austria estimate that the share of these colleagues is half as high, i.e. around 40 percent of all employees.

There is no reliable data on the costs of stress-related absences from work in Austria due to the taboo surrounding work-related stress but from an economic point of view, the problem also affects society as a whole. German studies, such as the Stress Report or the DAK Health Report, assume an increase in stress thus indicating rising costs. Experts agree that mental stress is growing along with changes in the world of work. Relaxation methods and stress reduction procedures can be used to counteract stress related illnesses and long-term consequences in a purpose-driven manner – and increase employee efficiency.


Are you responsible for human resources in your company or do you have responsibility for personnel in your capacity as a manager, head of department or managing director? If so, you are probably aware of the topics that stress employees the most in many companies:

  • time pressure and the pressure to perform
  • too few breaks and periods of rest
  • high personal performance requirements
  • too much work
  • lack of or inadequate support from superiors
  • mobbing
  • high demands on oneself to perform
  • high performance expectations from third parties
  • tight deadlines and completion dates
  • lack of or unclear communication
  • insufficient separation of work life and leisure time
  • constant interruptions
  • lack of planning
  • overtime
  • lack of trust
  • multitasking
  • fear of failure
  • digitalization and constant availability
  • lack of social support from colleagues

If we experience stress this has a negative impact on the quality of sleep, generates concentration problems, a lack of energy and interest and can lead, among other things, to increased conflict behavior or social withdrawal, aggressiveness or listlessness as well as depressive moods. On a physical level, this is often followed by tension in the back and shoulders, headaches and fatigue syndromes, heart palpitations or high blood pressure.

Gaining insights into stress issues from anonymous user data

As a stress performance network, Better linked removes stress from the taboo zone and enables the anonymous exchange of fact-based stress-related questions and problems as well as access to information on stress management. The platform gives those affected a public voice as well as effective stress solutions.

With Better linked “user packages for companies or departments, you can sustainably strengthen your employees” performance, increase employee satisfaction and employee efficiency and effectively reduce the perceived level of stress for those affected.

Better linked offers a “safe space” for your employees to anonymously exchange information about their personal problems with stress. The users can verbalize what would otherwise be taboo problems revolving around stress in a safe environment, work on them effectively and solve them.

At the same time, your company benefits specifically from the use of the platform: through the active and at the same time completely anonymous participation in the community, you gain clarity in your individual data evaluation of the stress issues relevant to your employees, which would otherwise not be communicated in an open manner.

Your specific company results contain valuable insider knowledge that can be used directly for internal measures to reduce the perceived level of stress. Workshops, coaching or internal seminars can be tailored to your employees’ needs based on your company data in order to successfully counter their stress levels and increase the profitability of the company through less sick leave and higher employee motivation.

The data is evaluated on the basis of Natural Language Processing: written, natural language is recorded and processed and subjected to computer-based analysis with the help of rules and algorithms. With this method, complete text correlations and facts are also recognized with the support of the computer. In addition, as a corporate customer, you will also regularly receive general information generated from the platform data.

Data-based change measurement

Only what I can measure changes – efficiently, sustainably, accurately

Peak Performance Package – Safety

Time and again, valuable employees are absent due to illness, because one performance peak follows the next and the phases of normal work activity become shorter and shorter.

  • Anonymous access to the platform for all employees
  • Detailed analysis of previously not clearly comprehensible limits/problems
  • Significant stress reduction, and thus increased employee efficiency, even in peak phases
  • High readiness of your team to continue to deliver top performance

Change + Trans- formation Package – Self-awareness

You regularly lose good employees because they are no longer up to the “change” or “transformation” process

  • Anonymous access to the platform for all employees
  • Detailed analysis of the causes of excessive demands and frustration
  • Significant stress reduction in change/transformation phases, and thus increased employee efficiency
  • High readiness of your team to support change and transformation processes