Building resources and finding stress solutions with Peer2Peer Coaching

What resources do you have for dealing with stress – does your goal attainment always match your personal goals? Or are you physically and mentally healthy, but you still don’t manage to use your energy (reserves) to the same extent? Let’s assume you have a higher stress load for a longer period of time: How would you like to be able to draw strength from the energy that stress generates in a self-efficacious way, deal with challenges safely and actively manage your work-health balance? In order to effectively manage our goal attainment and realize our visions effectively and confidently, we need an ideal mix of resources. Stress can also act as a motivator and solution finder – if we deal with it correctly. Our Experts support!

With many  Tips e.g. from Wingwave® Coaching, personal resources and creative potential can be deliberately strengthened, so that you can cope with your everyday life safely, remain calm and quick- witted in times of stress – and thus get your power back.

How to actively draw on your resources

Creative ideas and innovative thinking are particularly important for people who deliver top performances. A constantly changing environment demands a high flexibility and the constant search for the best products and solutions. To “stay on the ball” in the long term, top performers need access to sources of creativity.

So our mental power resources are already available – at Better linked we work together to ensure that they can be called upon in a targeted manner at important moments and when it counts, thus supporting us in our goal attainment and keeping our performance, creativity and reaction speed at a top level.

Equipped with the necessary resources, we succeed in overcoming our own limits and open up new perspectives for ourselves for the future. Our focus and energy are thus turned towards building something new instead of fighting the old.

Mia’s Story

Mias Geschichte

Performing at your best – Mia’s Story

Mia is a young musical singer who has turned her passion into her profession and is looking forward to her next premiere in less than one month’s time. However, she lacks the confidence to give her best performance: she would like to be able to use her already wonderful voice more effectively on stage – in particular the difficult parts, those featuring the high notes, should be mastered with assurance.…

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How does resource building work?

The users of Better linked actively support each other in building up their resources: If you post your personal stories about your own stress issues and stress solutions anonymously on the platform, you provide other users with directly applicable ideas from your wealth of experience and help them to solve their stress-related problems. In turn, you can get tips from the stories of stress related by others on the platform. Together, the users benefit from the variety of stress solutions presented for a vast variety of different topics.

Better linked offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals and strengthen your own stress resilience:

  • Networking on the platform with like-minded people
  • mutual empowerment through comments and communication
  • open exchange with like-minded people
  • factual contributions and testimonials
  • best practice examples
  • self-coaching tips
  • asking and answering questions
  • open exchange of views
  • expert reports
  • questions about one’s own performance expectations
  • questions about external performance demands at work
  • questions about dealing with stress and the pressure to perform
  • stress management strategies
  • questions about building up one’s own resources
  • being the author of your own story
  • sharing a sense of achievement
  • sharing joy
  • role models
  • learning through problem descriptions and vicarious learning
  • telling your own heroic story
  • enrolling in anti-stress activities
Resource Tips
  • Bodyfeeling
  • Perception
  • Resource
  • Stressors

Fingerring - Daumen und Zeigefinger sind verbunden

Only if you have enough strength you can master a topic or do one thing particularly well.

When a topic stresses you out, you lose your body strength. You can feel that for yourself. Form a ring with thumb and index finger.

With a statement or idea that stresses you out, the finger ring opens easily. (Try to open the ring with the other hand or ask a friend to open the finger ring.)

With a topic or a word that strengthens you, the finger ring holds strong.

  • Bodyfeeling
  • Breath
  • Perception

Many people have forgotten how to perceive their body. Are you one of them?

How do you deal with your body? Is it only there to function well and reliably?

Consciously use your breath to change your body perception. Pause several times during your daily activities.

Where in the body…

Goal attainment with new resources

Finding personal stress solutions with new and available resources is a good approach for a wide range of professions and generates massive changes for the better:

  • Managers and top performers (athletes, artists, creatives): You don’t wait to see what a situation does to you, you do something with the situation. Through resource coaching you actively decide in which state of mind you wish to enter a certain situation and actively trigger this positive condition at the right time.
  • Young leaders: Get a powerful boost of energy for creative solutions in new or surprising situations. Leave familiar paths behind and discover new perspectives for the future.
  • Teamcoaching: As a team, you are only successful if everyone uses their skills optimally. You can only develop good ideas and realize big projects if everyone works together in the best possible way. Your emotional climate in the team is improved in such a way that a top performance is possible and each member can call up his or her own performance with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Learners of all ages: Through the targeted use of resources, you trigger a powerful motivational boost and thus achieve positive self-motivation. You experience anticipation and an openness towards new things.

How to build your resources while you sleep.

Working with emotions: Switching off and recovering

If you often wake up at night or cannot fall asleep at all, you are severely limited in your resources. The quality and quantity of sleep are essential cornerstones for learning new skills and for processing all the sensations and experiences each of us experiences every day. In REM sleep, our body independently carries out the processing procedures that we use in coaching.

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