Staying healthy and productive in your everyday life

Would you like to experience greater assurance and sovereignty in your everyday life when
taken by surprise by unplanned additional tasks or appointments at short notice? Then you
would no longer struggle with time pressure and involuntary, uncontrollable interferences. You
would have everything under control even in times of stress? You would no longer put yourself
under pressure because of your desire to do everything perfectly and within the allotted time?

If stress is your daily companion in everyday life:

  • anxiety instead of serenity governs your daily working routine
  • self-doubt changes how you perceive the quality of your work
  • you cannot develop your personal strengths
  • achieving your goals is harder than you would like
  • you do not give your best performance at your work
  • you are not living up to your full potential

Your ability to work is inhibited, because in many situations stress takes control.

With Wingwave Coaching you gain confidence in your everyday life and actively build stress resilience so that you are well prepared for any unforeseen future scenarios: Your psychological resilience is strengthened and you learn to cope with work overload, daily challenges and spontaneous problems in a routine and calm manner. With the Wingwave Method® you learn to initiate success without stress and to enjoy a better quality of life. Learn more: Use the Articles or our Stresstips

Pauls Geschichte

Paul’s Story

Paul is in his mid-30s and works as a health expert. He is very confident at work, has everything he is responsible for under control. He likes to dress in relaxed workwear consisting of a jacket and a jumper, combined with jeans and trainers.…

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Success and creativity instead of performance stress

Share stress stories on Better linked and learn from experience

Wingwave® Coaching is coaching for performance and emotions that leads to a noticeably fast reduction in performance stress. As a stress management tool, Wingwave® also nurtures creativity, mental fitness and conflict stability. Wingwave® ensures that you can make optimum use of your abilities and resources right when it matters, even if the conditions are challenging.

Wingwave® can be used to effectively relieve mental blocks and manage emotions. The newly acquired degree of resilience brings about an inner balance and peak performance through pinpoint performance reliability. The method is based on findings from brain research, neurobiology, neurolinguistics and trauma therapy.

On Better linked, the specific exchange of experiences between sufferers of stress leads to success: sharing one’s own reports with the community helps to learn from the experiences of others and to benefit from valuable ideas. Many of the simple self-coaching tips offered can be implemented quickly and tested directly in stressful situations.

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