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  • High Demand on Oneself
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Anchoring Feet

Do unusual challenges or unusual situations – such as attending a team meeting, a spontaneous presentation of your expertise on a topic, a new task in an important project or difficulties in the course of the project – cause you stress, even though you would like to react with confidence and quick-wittedness?

Then get your safety back. Stand firmly on the ground with both legs, feel at your feet.

Which parts of your feet are firmly on the ground right now? Are the toes or heel more noticeable on the ground.

Direct attention from the right leg to the left leg. Do you feel the same contact surfaces on the ground as with the right leg?

Stay with your attention on the left leg and try to feel the entire foot evenly on the floor.

If this works, anchor your right foot as well. Continue to breathe normally.

Are both feet now equally fixed? Feel the strong anchoring in the ground for a few more moments.

Now you are powerfully strengthened and start focused into the new task.