• Breath
  • Deadline Pressure
  • Extra Hours
  • Health Issues
  • Lack of Breaks
  • Too Much Work
Breath activates energy balance

If your day once again does not want to end or the circumstances do not allow a break at the moment, short breathing exercises will help to activate the energy balance.

To do this, you begin to breathe consciously and count during inhalation and exhalation.

Usually you can count to 3 or 4 until the inhalation is completed, when exhaling you count the same number and then take a short break.

Then breathe in again on 3 or 4 puffs, depending on what feels good for you and try to exhale a stroke longer than you have inhaled, so in this case count to 5.

Repeat this breathing 2-3 times and then increase the exhalation to 6.

Then continue breathing normally.