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Eyeball Circling


“How do I switch off this spiral of thoughts” – a frequently asked question, especially in summer, when all to-does have to be worked through before the holiday and nothing must be forgotten.

To stop the spiral of thought and bring your stress level down a few notches, you can pull eights around your eyeballs.

As long as you are not practiced in it, perform this exercise while lying down (dizziness!).

Direct your attention to the right eyeball and feel the closest point to the nose. In your mind go to the outer right side of your eyeball (above way – towards the ear), along the bottom of your right eyeball go back to the starting point. You have now circled the right eyeball once.

Now switch to the left eyeball and again draw a mental circle along your left eyeball, start again from the top to the left outside to the ear and come back to the point where the left eyeball is closest to the nose.

If you now connect the movement and your 8s around the eyeballs become faster, you will notice how your eyes move in parallel, after a few rounds comes a deep breath.

Stay with it until you can feel every point of your eyeballs while circling and breathe calmly.

What did you think about the last few minutes?