• Excessive Demands
  • High Arousal Level
Stress Marks

With what level of excitement did you start the day today?

The level of these mental vibrations determines how stimuli and experiences from the environment are received.

Traces of stress arise not only from punctual events in which our level of arousal increases, but above all from the constitution in which we are confronted with it.

So if you are already stuck in traffic when you arrive at the office, are annoyed that a car driver is taking the right of way or you almost overlook a cyclist or pedestrian because you are already in a hurry to get to the team meeting, these events add up to a high stress level.

In a team meeting, you will be attacked by a colleague, or your boss will make a remark that offends you.

– Are you still reacting appropriately now?

In case of over- or under-demanding, the brain switches off, and our emotional system takes over.