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Permanent stress

How do we get off the hamster wheel?

Discussed yesterday at an important customer meeting and often a daily reality in the company: 200 mails in the inbox, 20 items on the to-do list – that already takes our breath away in the morning.

At noon the boss comes and puts 5 more tasks on the table.

The overload is perfect. Do you know that days like these rob us of our energy already in the morning?

The energy level is already limited in the morning – the brain is looking for a way out and of course needs energy for the solution search, which we could use better for the good completion of tasks. Our brain knows we’ll never get this workload done. “Delete them all” as a customer said yesterday, or?

My tip:

Which mails and to-dos belong to your joyful projects.

These get a lot of space and provide moments of success and motivation.

Which group of topics is not so exciting, but must be done.

It comes right after the positive project.

This provides variety and stimulation for the brain, serotonin lingers and makes it easier to work through important but not so exciting topics.