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  • Positive stress
Positive stress

What do you burn for?

What do you particularly like to do?

In which activity are you completely enthusiastic and don’t even notice how time flies or how much power you are currently using?

Activities that we are burning for are easy to do, the world around us seems to stand still, we are completely in the flow.

We are fully motivated and satisfied.

There seems to be no such thing as too much Yes, and …..

– even positive activities consume energy

– Enthusiasm and curiosity tempt us to try the kick to the limit

– We owe the euphoric kick to the reward messenger dopamine

– The danger of overdoing it, beyond physical limits, can also lead to a burn

– because the natural STOP button is missing.

Instead of feeling like we want to get rid of “negative” stress quickly, we can’t seem to get enough of “positive” stress