• Always On
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Creativity
  • Depressive Mood
  • Energy/Loss of Interest
  • Eye Movement
  • Health Issues
  • Lack of Breaks
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Lack of Learning Power
  • Lack of work/leisure separation
  • Movement
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Work Health Balance

At this time of year you can meet me more often at a very important activity.

Stroll. Daylight, movement and brain stimulation can be ideally combined right now.

If you need a boost in creativity because you can’t get any further with a problem or you get stuck with constantly recurring thoughts, go outside.

Let your eyes wander consciously from left to right, look slightly upwards.

What’s actually there? What is new to discover in the periphery of my point of view? O

n weekends, the walk can also be a little longer, but after just 20 minutes of brain coaching, the new ideas bubble up by themselves.