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Vagus Stimulation

Do you maintain your calm and recovery nerve?

Especially in challenging times, an automatic swing back from stress to relaxation is not always or less and less possible.

The ventral vagus as our “rest and recovery nerve” runs mainly in the face and upper chest area, we already know it from “Tarzan”.

You do not need to hit your chest with force, 30 seconds of light tapping with your fingertips is enough to create a yawn or a deep breath.

Vagus stimulation also works through the breath: close your right nostril and breathe in over the left, take a short respite, and close the left nostril while opening right.

Now exhale over the right again. Now breathe in on the right (left nostril closed), breathing break, you open the left and close the right nostril, exhale.

After 5 to 10 repetitions you have new agility!